White Shark Ecotourism At Chatham Bars Inn

In partnership with the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, Chatham Bars Inn is hosting not one but two once-in-a-lifetime shark experiences this summer!

On both our Receiver Excursion and our Great White Shark Expedition, you’ll team up with scientists from the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy as they gather research about great whites in their natural habitat. You might even get up close and personal with a great white yourself!

Space is limited and reservations are required. To book, please contact our concierge at 508.945.6871.

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Receiver Excursions at Chatham Bars Inn

Program runs July 5th through August 30th

Spend an hour cruising the beautiful Chatham Harbor. Head out to the lighthouse and explore the sandbars where grey seals haul out, looking for evidence of a predation.

Guests will have the opportunity to bring up a shark receiver and analyze the data to find out if any tagged white sharks have passed through. The tour will be led by Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, and a portion of the proceeds from this excursion will be donated to the Conservancy to help fund ongoing white shark research and education programs.

Excursions depart Monday and Wednesday mornings at 9am from the Chatham Bars Inn pier. Tickets are $85 per person.

To book, please contact our concierge at 508.945.6871.

Great White Shark Expeditions at Chatham Bars Inn

Program runs June 23rd through mid-October

In partnership with Chatham Bars Inn, the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy (AWSC) is offering White Shark Expeditions, providing guests with the opportunity to become part of an elite group of adventurers as they witness the apex predators in their natural habitat, preying on the local grey seals, and get a first-hand understanding of AWSC’s efforts to study the species to conserve Cape Cod's biologically diverse marine ecosystems.

Accompanied by a member of Atlantic White Shark Conservancy's team, visitors and locals alike can take a seat aboard a Chatham Bars Inn's vessel and participate in 'Citizens Science' as they add white shark sightings to the Sharktivity App, use a hydrophone to determine if a shark has been tagged, and record observations to be shared with the white shark research team.

Expeditions run twice daily, Wednesdays and Saturdays from June 23rd through mid-October and are weather permitting.

As one of the only tours offered on the Cape that directly benefit white shark research, a portion of the trip fee is tax deductible. Registration for the trip includes participants’ entrance at The Chatham Shark Center. Great White Shark Expeditions are $2500 for up to five passengers.

To learn more and book your expedition, please contact our concierge at 508.945.6871.

Note - White shark sightings are not guaranteed.

About the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy

We are huge fans of the work that the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy does. Their mission is simple: to support scientific research, improve public safety, educate the community and to inspire conservation of Atlantic white sharks. They’re out on the water every day, working toward making that mission a reality.

At Chatham Bars Inn, we are proud to support the AWSC - most recently, with a $27,000 donation! If you can reserve a spot on our Receiver Excursion or our Great White Shark Expedition, we highly encourage you to do so - it’s for a great cause, and there’s nothing else like it on the Cape.

To book, call 508.945.6871 today!

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