Is Chatham Bars Inn Dog-Friendly?

Wondering if you can bring your dog when you stay at Chatham Bars Inn?

Short answer: yes - just give us a call first to make the arrangements.

Long answer: we welcome your furry friend with open arms! We treat our guests’ dogs like members of their family.

We have a limited number of rooms that we have designated as dog-friendly. If you’d like to book one of these rooms, call our reservation team and let them know! We will provide a dog bed and dog treats, though we ask that you bring along a crate. If you really want to celebrate your pooch, we can help with that - we have even helped our guests host dog birthday parties in the past.

We welcome one dog under 75 pounds per room and prefer them to be at least one year old. There are designated areas on property where your dog is welcome (these areas do not include restaurants, the pools or the beach). Pet fees vary seasonally. For more information and to reserve your dog-friendly room, please call (800) 527-4884.

Dog-Friendly Activities

Chatham is an extremely dog-friendly town, keeping you and your pup entertained during your stay at Chatham Bars Inn.

Beach Walk at Jackknife Harbor

Most beaches in Chatham do not allow dogs during the summer, with some exceptions. If you would like to take a beach walk, we recommend taking your dog for a stroll at Jackknife Harbor, which allows dogs before 9am and after 6pm.

Nature Walk at Thompson’s Field

Though it’s technically in Harwich, Thompson’s Field is a hugely popular spot for dog walkers. Your pup is sure to love it!

Visit Chatham Dog Club

Chatham Dog Club offers day school and private training. Visit their Facebook page for updates.

Explore Chatham's Main Street

Chatham's Main Street is extremely dog-friendly, with many stores welcoming well-behaved dogs enthusiastically. We recommend taking a walk down Main Street, doing some shopping and splitting an ice cream cone with your furry friend on a hot summer day.

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