Join our mixology demonstrations with our Master Mixologist Adam Couto every week

Mixology Classes

Our cocktail making classes will take place every Friday from 6-7pm and consist of instructional demonstrations led by our Master Mixologist Adam Couto. All guests will receive recipe cards for the cocktails, bitters, shrubs, and more to take home.

Upcoming classes include:

November 1 – Introduction/Welcome Back

A welcome back for all our loyal attendees from last season and introduction to mixology for anyone new to the class this season. We’ll cover the basics of building cocktails and the tools used.

November 8 – Safe Mixology

Not everything is safe for cocktails. We’ll discuss ingredients to stay away from and alternatives to those ingredients that will still give the profile you’re looking for.

November 15 – Cocktail Garnish and Presentation

Cocktails aren’t just the liquid in the glass. Learn how garnishes and presentation elevate cocktails and why specific garnishes are important to the cocktails.

November 29 – What it takes to be a "Classic Cocktail"

From modern to old school, what does it take for a cocktail to become a “classic”? We’ll take you through the history of some of the most well-known (and maybe not so well known) cocktails and why they are considered classics

December 6 – Shrubs and Tinctures

Back by popular demand! We’ll cover the basics of the Shrub and go a little more in depth. Plus, we’ll talk about tinctures and their roll when building cocktails.

December 13 – Gin

It’s not just pine and juniper anymore. Explore the nuances of different gins and what flavor profiles work with particular cocktails. We’ll see gins from all over the globe including some from our own backyard.

December 20 - ‘Tis the Season

Cocktails for the Holidays! Hot drinks, punches and eggnog. Join us for a holiday cocktail party warmup!

Must be over 21 to participate. No reservations are needed so just feel free to show up!

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