Mixology Classes

Mixology Classes

Join our new mixology demonstrations at the bar from our expert bartender every week

Our cocktail making classes will take place every Friday from 6-7pm and consist of instructional demonstrations led by our esteemed bartender. All guests will receive recipe cards for the cocktails, bitters, shrubs, and more to take home. With a cash bar, upcoming complimentary classes will be held at South Lounge.

Upcoming classes include:

February 1 – Vodka

Not as basic as you think! Well, maybe it is… Learn about infusions and how to use them in cocktails to compliment flavor profiles.

February 8 – Valentine’s Day Cocktails

Drinks for lovers, or haters, we don’t judge. Chocolate covered cherries and rose bouquets aren’t just meant for cliché gifts.

February 15 – Barrel Aged Cocktails

Conditioning and Finishing spirits in barrels to create new flavor profiles giving deep character to any cocktail.

February 22 – Gin

If you don’t think you like Gin, you’ve probably tried the wrong one. Or, maybe not had the right Gin Cocktail. Discover the world of Gin and what makes this amazing spirit so special!

March 1 – Beer Cocktails

Beer before Liquor, or Liquor before Beer? What about at the same time? Learn about pairing different beer styles with liquors and how amazing these drinks can be!

March 8 – St. Patrick’s Day Cocktails

Everybody is Irish on St Patrick’s Day! Put the green beer and Irish Car Bombs aside and see a new twist on some classic Irish cocktails.

March 15 – Fat Washing

Infuse whiskey with bacon fat you say? Yes, that’s what we say! Learn how to fat wash liquor and what kind of cocktails work best with this technique.

March 22 – Tequila

Liquors evil sister, but mostly just misunderstood and not only for margaritas. Learn some new tricks with this versatile spirit.

March 29 – Drink Like a Bartender

Learn how to order the cocktail you want to drink!

April 5 – Aperitifs and Cocktails

Chartreus and Aperol aren’t the only trending digestives. Find some new combinations that will “wow” your friends!

April 12 – Preview of Chatham Bars Inn Summer Cocktails

Don’t want to wait until June to check out our amazing Summer Cocktail menu? We’ll be showcasing one beverage from each outlet to get you ready for Summer 2019. #sneakpeek

April 19 – Sake Cocktails

Discover a new twist on American cocktails using Japanese Sake.

April 26 – Wine Based Spirits

Madeira, brandy, cognac, and all wine-based spirits. There are so many possibilities and we’ll review them all.

Must be over 21 to participate. No reservations are needed so just feel free to show up!

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